Common European Framework of Reference by FPT

Some people opt for self-taught and uses English material that can be accessed easily and for free. However, some people choose to study in groups and did not really like technology, so that they feel most comfortable to learn in the classroom. In order to advance the level of the learning process will take longer because most of the basic things, they have learned. In the UK the government set a level of English B1 English test or intermediate to settle in the country. Cambridge English conducted research that shows that it takes 200 hours to learn to move from one level to the next level. The following table is more detailed:

Common European Framework Guided Learning Hours (From Beginner Level)

CEFR Level The number of hours required (approximate)

C2 1,000-1,200
C1 700-800
B2 500-600
B1 350-400
A2 180-200

However, if a person has high motivation, they can have more rapid progress. There are also several ways to learn faster, by continuing to use English and practice English in a social interaction.

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