Pros and cons of condo living

Park Place Residences, of course, is not the only condominium project developed in Singapore. With the presence of many experienced and reputable developers, you have many condo options. Before going to determine the right condo to buy, it would be better to know pros and cons of condo living. Just because condo ownership looks better than home ownership, it doesn’t mean that condo will be a perfect choice. For your information, condo living also comes with some cons as follows:

– Lack of privacy

Why? You will have many neighbors, which means that you will share everything with other tenants, including the amenities and maintenance fee. With various activities done by the different condo unit owner, you will have the difficulties in valuing your privacy. In fact, there will be the footsteps to listen when people go up and down. Keep in mind that condo may not be the right residence if you are looking for some peace and quite around you.

– Living by the rule

You must be aware that condo living means you have to live by the rules of the condo management. That is why the living experience will be different from the experience living in your own single family home.

Many people still have the reasons to stay in the condo due to the pros of condo living. As you already know, bulk cons of condo ownership like amenities, security, maintenance, and affordability become the reasons why today’s people are considering condo living.

If you find more pros than the cons, you are like to have no doubt and fear anymore to start your research. First of all, you can go shopping around to find real estate agent or condo development company directly. Learn pros and cons of buying a condo or you will end the decision in any regret in your mind.